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D445003Cloud technologies impact in telecommunications
Organiza: Jaime José García Reinoso

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Coordinación: Jaime José García Reinoso
Plazas ofertadas: 25
Duración: 2 horas     Tipo: Específico
Modalidad: Presencial

Lugar de impartición: EA7 Escuela Politécnica Superior

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26 de abril de 2023 de 12 a 14h

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Descripción general

Rather than just providing link-layer performance enhancements to mobile use cases, 5G progressed from previous generations by integrating as well mechanisms coming from the cloud technology field. Aspects from Software Defined Networks or Network Function Virtualization supported a vision that allowed mobile operators to quickly setup connectivity scenarios, making service provisioning a highly dynamic and elastic procedure, bringing in isolation and slicing capabilities. This allowed 5G to be perceived with higher potential from industrial users, which have stringent specific utilization cases. Nonetheless, the cloud mechanisms themselves came from a technological field of its own, with very successful and scalable ideas and concepts. Tools such as containers, microsservices, cloud-native have started to permeate into the telco arena, with the potential ability to transform the telecommunications ecosystem as we know it. This seminar will address this concept, by presenting an overview of highly impactful technologies and their potential for shaping B5G and 6G communications' architecture.


Daniel Nunes Corujo - Universidade de Aveiro